Fall 2010 Newsletter
Feature Renovation

When people love the location of their home and have raised a family in it, they may not want to move!


The owners of our Feature Renovation do indeed love their 1970’s home, but wanted to modernize the look and the feel. They came to Pioneer with some great design ideas and worked closely with Project Manger, Paul Meier to perfect those ideas while considering the display of their existing artwork collection and the fact that they love to entertain family and friends.


As you can see, the open concept plus the clean, sleek lines of the design provide a modern flair with a welcoming appeal.



Family Fun Weekend


... was exactly that!! We were proud to sponsor again this year the Family Fun Weekend with proceeds going to Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. Held at West Montrose Campground, fun was had by all for a great cause!


Jen's Den: Old Meets New...

Where do you start - and where do you stop? This is a dilemma all of us face when making change. Trends come and go. How do we embrace the new without feeling like everything needs to be revamped? We may live in an “all or nothing” inspired culture, but previous generations spent 25 years perfecting their one and only home! Today we move more frequently, spend more money and have higher expectations, but there is definitely a call for balance.


I know, I know, you’re thinking “all you Designers are the cause” and I agree that the industry reputation is that we always want to change it all ...


Protect Your Home From Water Damage

We’ve had a few conversations this past year with clients who have experienced water damage. We thought we’d take this opportunity to offer some tips to help you avoid some financial and emotional frustration. Mother Nature can take her toll through prolonged rain or heavy snow; however there are other sources of water that can also cause damage.


Water Shutoff Valves: Know where your shutoff valves for the main water supply, certain appliances, sinks and toilets are located. Shut off your main water supply if you will be away from home for a few days.


Plumbing Pipes: Inspect your plumbing supply and waste lines for leaks, damage or corrosion.

Water Heater: The average life span of a water heater is 7 – 10 years. If you notice puddles around your water heater, it may need to be replaced.






2 pork tenderloins - about 2 lbs. total
1 large onion, halved and cut into
1/4 inch slices
2 apples, peeled and coarsely chopped
2 tbsp. apple jelly
1 tbsp. cider vinegar
salt to taste
coarsely ground black pepper to taste



Combine all ingredients in the crock pot (brown pork first, if desired).


Cover and cook on LOW for 7 to 9 hours.


Serve with rice.

From the Corner Office

A great summer has slipped away and has been replaced with beautiful fall colors. Our world is ever changing and this year has certainly brought it’s fair share. On April 27 my Grandfather, the founder of Pioneer Craftsmen, and a man who held the admiration of many, passed away. Ken Adam was instrumental in the beginning stages of our company, long before I was even around, but today I can still see signs of his influence – honesty and integrity, hard work and compassion. Instilled in my father and my uncle, these attributes have filtered through-out our company and provide all of us with our north star.


The HST is now in full force, despite the lobbying against it, and many people are finding the costs to renovate have increased. Here at Pioneer Craftsmen we continue to invest in education and skills training so that we may offer our clients affordable renovation solutions while at the same time developing ways to build better and more environmentally sound – which helps reduce future costs and creates a more comfortable environment for all of us.


On September 22 I attended the Ontario Home Builders Conference – an educational opportunity for myself, but also a time to celebrate outstanding building achievements. I am very pleased to announce that we were winners in not one but two categories for the annual Ontario Awards of Distinction. There were over 500 entries received from across Ontario in various categories! I am proud of our team! Their projects were considered the best by our peers. Way to go to our fantastic production and design staff for providing inspirational designs perfectly suited to our clients!


We will continue to work hard for you and I look forward to working with many of you in the coming months.


Thank-you for the trust you place in us.



Mike Metzloff has joined our team having recently graduated from the “Architecture-Construction Engineering Technology” Program at Conestoga College. It’s easy to see his passion for his chosen field. When you meet Mike, we know you will appreciate his energetic, witty and enthusiastic personality.

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