How do I Set a Budget for my Renovation?

This is one of the most difficult areas of planning a renovation. Home improvement can be overwhelming when trying to account for all the items that make up a renovation project. No need to worry however as a renovation budget is one of the first items we help you with.

A renovation budget can vary greatly depending if you are giving your bathroom a facelift or creating a gourmet dream kitchen. A little homework before our discussion about your renovation will help us answer your budget questions:

  • Determine a comfortable investment range, this is different for everyone, and it's important that you tailor this to your situation.
  • Know the general value of your home and the homes of your neighbourhood.
  • Ask yourself if you are planning on staying in your home for many years to come or will you be moving in a few years.
  • Develop a list with two columns: Home Improvement Needs & Home Improvement Desires

It's difficult for you to know what your renovation will cost. That is our job to find out for you. However, armed with the above information, we can offer you a much clearer picture of what is possible with regards to your home improvement project and how to obtain the best return on your renovation investment.

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